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The ‘VS’ series focusses on living a victorious Christian life. The teaching provides practical applications for those who want to keep the sin out of their life and then be productive in God’s kingdom. The need to abide in Christ is emphasised and key areas such as ministry, spiritual warfare, leadership and maintaining godly relationships are examined.


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A comprehensive teaching on spiritual leadership and how it should work in the body of Christ. Different types of church leaders are described with help on how to relate to them in the way God requires. Parallels are drawn from examples in the natural realm such as the military. The anointing is described with emphasis on how vital it is for someone to grow as a leader. This requires a consistently teachable attitude, especially when God points out our weaknesses!

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Joseph C. & Shirley Hedgecock, and Patricia Hedgecock Ross

The importance of intercession and how it can work effectively.

This set is also available as mp3 on 1 CD.
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Patricia Hedgecock Ross describes why a good and godly marital relationship is essential. This message examines some points of conflict including ‘making assumptions’ and ‘improper attitudes’.